Article & photos Christine Prat
12 décembre 2021
En français

We are now visibly on the brink of destruction – we have been for quite some time, but it has now become obvious for many more people. Still, Capitalism which never stops dying, always finds new allies to help postpone the deadline. So-called ‘Green’ parties are the main pawns in this deadly game.

This is not new either: in the 1970’s, we already had a ‘green’ wave, limited to hippies. They were telling us that we should put aside the struggles for Justice and Freedom, as survival of the planet was more important. But for people who knew how to think, it was obvious that it were the very same activities by which capitalists exploited people and nature, thus it was stupid to choose.

It is necessary to understand that Capitalism is totally anti-life – of people, animals, plants, the whole planet – and thus to understand what Capitalism really is.

Did you ever wonder why billionaires who have enough to live for several generations in absolute luxury, never stop ‘working’? It is because life, even in luxury, is not their main concern, and the reason for it is to find in the very nature of the Capital.

A capitalist is someone who wants to become God Almighty. The Capital implies this obsession. Some wrote it a long time ago, the Capital is a degenerate version of God. “Money can buy anything”. This suggests a notion of Infinity. The problem is that money can buy anything as long as you don’t have it. When you have it, it is necessarily a limited amount. This is the curse of the Capital. Thousands of billions are not closer to Infinity than a minimum salary. There is a confusion between ‘Infinity’ and ‘not defined’. The capitalist, who thought he could reach Infinity, will never be satisfied. When he is not able to become God Almighty and reach Infinity, he prefers to initiate the Apocalypse.

‘Green’ Parties are led by people who catch an opportunity to have a career and grab some crumbs of the overall plunder. They won’t become God, they might be satisfied by being the good keepers of the Spectacle Society.

We recently saw the leader of the French ‘Greens’ demonstrating with the ultra-rightist police. The leader of the Communist Party was there too. Of course. Big energy companies take advantage of the situation to push nukes as ‘green energy’! And some vegans become terrorists attacking small local butchers (even physically), while animal suffering is caused by Big supermarkets companies and industrial agriculture. We should fear having those people in governments. Valets of capitalism, they will necessarily be new dictators. And the planet won’t be saved.